Hand Polished Titanium MTB Bolts

     Our newest product line is titanium MTB bolts and hardware. This hardware comes from a factory which products extremely high quality titanium parts for the aerospace industry overseas. The material used is grade 5 titanium which provides more than enough strength needed for applications in the sport cycling industry. Titanium bolts often reduce the weight from traditional alloy steel bolts by over 40% and can go a long way in reducing the weight of your bike while adding some bling. The bolts go through an intensive verification process to ensure the quality is top-notch. The bolts are tested with a variety of gauges to ensure the thread pitch is accurate and the bolt is ready to go. The bolts are also hand polished after undergoing the PVD process to make them oil slick or golden. Shop our new line of Ti bolts here. Not sure what size your bolts are? Use our handy bolt measuring guide here.