49Pcs Set Titanium Ultegra R8000 Bolts

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Beauty is in the details! These bolts add an amazing touch to your road bike. Add this amazong touch of bling to your bike today!

  • Extremely high attention to detail with very tight manufacturing tolerances to ensure thread pitch and length is accurate.
  • All bolts are hand polished before packaged.
  • Material: high strength TC4 Titanium Alloy
  • Extremely lightweight TC4 titanium
  • Exquisite packaging with bolts resting in protective foam encased in a manufactured aluminum box

Fits Shimano Ultegra R8000 Groupsets

Material: TC4 Titanium


  • 4pcs road gear bolts , Torque: 8-10 nm
  • 4pcs brake shoe bolts, Torque: 5-7 nm
  • 4pcs brake shoe washers
  • 2pcs brake pivot nut washers
  • 2pcs brake centering adjustment bolts, Torque: 1.5nm
  • 1pcs front derailleur wire adjustment bolt, Torque: 1.5nm
  • 2pcs front and rear derailleur wire fixing bolts, Torque: 6-7 nm
  • 4pcs brake pad fixing bolts, Torque: 1.5nm
  • 2pcs brake quick release bolts, Torque: 1.5nm
  • 2pcs crank arm bolts, Torque: 12-14 nm
  • 1pcs brake pivot nut 30mm, Torque: 8-10 nm
  • 1pcs L adjustment bolt for rear derailleur, Torque: 1.5nm
  • 1pcs H adjustment bolt for rear derailleur, Torque: 1.5nm
  • 2pcs brake cable fixing bolts, Torque: 6-8 nm
  • 2pcs derailleur jockey wheel mounting bolts, Torque: 4-5nm
  • 2pcs H+L adjustment bolts for front derailleur, Torque: 1.5nm
  • 1pcs front derailleur clamp bolt, Torque: 5-6 nm
  • 1pcs rear derailleur axle bolt, Torque: 10 nm
  • 1pcs brake pivot nut 10mm, Torque: 8-10 nm
  • 1pcs Rear derailleur tension adjustment bolt, Torque: 1.5nm

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