Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

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Includes 2 pairs (4PCS) Brake Pads. Contains copper wire fibers and Kevlar to provide excellent braking performance for a long time. Includes the steel spring retainer clip and pin.

For the following SHIMANO, select DS-03S

Shimano XTR BR-M9000/BR-M9020/BR-M987/BR-M985

Shimano Deore XT BR-M8000 /BR-M785

Shimano SLX BR-M7000 /BR-M675 /BR-M666 /BR-M615

Shimano BR-S700 /BR-CX77 /BR-RS785 /BR-R785 /BR-R517 /BR-R317

For the following SHIMANO/ TEK & TPR, select DS-01S

M200 M315 M M355 M365 M375 M395 M396

M415 M416 M445 M446 M447 M475 M485 M486 M495

M515 M525 M552 M575 M3050 C501 C601 M4050 T615 T675

Rank Shimano disc brakes Device


Tek Auriga:PRO/Comp/E-Com/Pro


TRP:HY/RD/Hylex/Parabox 2012/Spyre/Spyre SLC Rank Disc Brake Device

RST:D-Power Bengal:Helix 7B/ARES PRO/5

For the following SHIMANO, select DS-02S

Shimano XTR M965 / M966 / Saint M800 / Hone M601 / Deore XT M765 / LX M858 Callipers SYSTEM Shimano XTR XT LX SLX Deore Saint Hone BR-M975/ BR-M965/BR-M966/BR-M775/BR-M776/BR-M765/BR-M800/BR-M601/BR-M665/BR-M585/BR-M535/BR-M545/BR-M595/BR-M596/BR-M505/BR-R505/BR-S501/BR-S500/BR-T665/BR-T605 ZOOM HB-870/HB-875/HB-100 disc brakes Device

For the following AVID, select DS-096



Rank AVID disc brakes Device

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